9 07 2009

There has been lots of action around the Dunn household as of late.  And the results is a very neglected blog.

I’ve gotten very involved in Greenville Mommies, and wound up the Site Administrator.  I’m super excited, but trying to maintain calmness and avoid feeling like I need to make everyone happy.  That emotion really gets me in trouble sometimes.  Wish me luck!

We just found out that we are moving into the home we are trying to purchase, on Friday.  We’re actually renting it and just set our closing date for our IL house for Aug 19, for the NC house Aug 20.  Please pray that everything moves forward in a timely manner for these two events.  I am so tired of playing this real estate game.  It’s causing more grey hairs than it’s worth….seriously.  But, I’m very excited to finally be in what I hope will become our home!  I am immeasurably greatful to the St. James people for allowing us to live out of one of their parsonages for the past 5 months.  They have provided support in so many ways, and we are so thankful to have such a wonderful church family. 

Braden is all boy.  It happened overnight.  All he cares about are trucks, tractors, trains and eating dirt.  I seriously did not know a toddler could put a handful of dirt in his mouth that fast.  He’s now under constant supervision.  It’s crazy how much he grows every single day.  I love watching him learn something, especially when it involves him learning how to communicate with me.  I swear he understands everything I say, he just hasn’t formed the muscles to carry on an intelligent conversation with his mouth.  But he will do anything you ask him to – it’s crazy! 

Ryan’s been in and out on mission trips.  He just got back from a gleaning trip to Virginia with the middle schoolers, and he’s taking a group to Florida next week for “camp”.  That’s what they call it.  But they’re staying in a hotel room, and have the opportunity to listen to Louie Giglio and David Crowder.  I don’t think I’d call that “camp”  – try vacation.  I wish I could go, but alas, it is not so. 

So, we’re moving this weekend and that means I’ll probably be MIA for another week.  or so.  I’m hoping to get a girls weekend at the end of the month, and go away with two AWESOME ladies – and not be called “Mommy” for at least 48 hours.  The bliss.  I can taste it now. 

TTFN – and God Bless!




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