The one thing I could live without…

4 05 2009


Seriously.  I cycle enough laundry to clothe a third world country.  At least a portion of one. 

I like to think I can keep a clean house.  Not ‘eat off the floors’ clean, but clean enough for the 5 second rule.  Or is it 3 seconds?  But each time laundry day rolls around, it turns into laundry week(s).  The Dunn Laundry Fest, if you will.  I end up with piles like this….









Now these are CLEAN clothes.  The pile(s) may or may not eventually get folded, but at least they’re clean.  It got so bad last week, that I finally had to admit to a dear friend of mine – *ahem*ahem*you know who you are and you do the same thing* – that I have a serious problem.  A laundry problem.  Now I know that there are other people in this world who have the same problem, who may be ashamed, or feel like you’re the only one.  To you I say this – “YOU ARE NOT ALONE and THE LAUNDRY MONSTER CAN BE SLAIN”

My mother-in-law has always insisted on folding clothes directly from the dryer, and honestly, I’ve thought that entailed too much work and dedication of my time.  I have since learned that she was right (mark this day in history folks!) I know this is the easiest way to conquer mylaundrydemon, but I am still having trouble fully commiting to the process.  Mainly because a 17 month old boy believes that he is more important than folding laundry.












I have to agree with him. 

I will try to slay the dragon another day!




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