24 04 2009

I have been frequenting a numerous amounts of blogs and sites as of late in a chance to soak in some much needed internet intellect.  One such blog is authored by Kyrie and she also hosts an offshoot site containing wonderfully beautiful, articulate photography.  Kyrie\’s photograph of cherry blossoms and her recent posts on the five senses has led me to pay close attention to my senses.  And in the past few days I\’ve become addicted to my sense of site.  I feel as though my eyes are soaking in so many things in an attempt to save them to a tiny corner of my mind that is reserved for only the most beautiful of things.  The precise colors of green in the trees Braden and I see on our daily walks.  The dark, long shade provided by those trees.  The form of a flower, it\’s depth and character shown in it\’s shape and rich color.  Blue skies like I have never seen before.  Wide open and just waiting for the wind to make it\’s course.  The twinkle in my son\’s eye when he discovers something new, something I see every day –  like how water can flow from one cup to another.  I watch him in amazement.  In awe of another human being.  Sight is such a huge gift. 

Without it, I would miss seeing this












And this














Soak in all the beauty.  Be still my heart. …………………………………




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