Live and Let Live

18 01 2009

Sometimes keeping to yourself, lowering your head, your voice and humbling yourself is overlooked in today’s society. Me. That’s what we’re about today. I want to change that. I can start by changing myself. God has humbled me in different ways throughout, well, I was going to give a time frame, but He’s been humbling me all of my life I suppose. I just chose to look in the other direction. AKA – Pride. I will not be the person I thought I would be at 15, or even 23 for that matter. But I can do the best where I am, and with what I’ve been blessed with. A strong marriage. A wonderful husband. Our beautiful son. And a God that has more faith in us that we will ever have in Him.

I can start with myself……





One response

22 01 2009

Wise beyond your years! One price of wisdom is regret, but there are also great rewards – contentment, peace of mind and understanding what’s truly valuable in life. Great blog …

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